Today is Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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     Her Last Expedition     (Synchronicity Theatre Stripped Bare Project)

     Manhunt:  A Mystery in a Box     (Dallas Theatre)

     Marley Was Dead to Begin With     (Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre)

     Love, M.     (Horizon Theatre)

     Sit In     (Alliance Theatre Anywhere)

     Home Holiday Package     (7 Stages Home Brew Series)

     Estella Scrooge     (Georgia Ensemble Theatre / Streaming Musicals)

    A Cartersville Hometown Nutcracker     (Cartersville Ballet / Vimeo)

     Horizon Holiday Treats (1-21)     (Horizon Theatre)

     (Knock, Knock) The Sounds of Winter     (Alliance Theatre for the Very Young)


     Gloria     (Playbill / Vineyard Theatre)

     Not Just Another Day Off     (Folger Library)

     Treasure Island     (Thespie)

     The Snow Queen     (Thespie / Stephen Joseph Theatre)

     Disenchanted     (Thespie / Broadway on Demand)

     Reunited 6-Concert Bundle     (Thespie)

     Kennedy:  Bobby's Last Crusade     (Broadway on Demand)

     You I Like: A Musical Celebration of Jerry Herman     (Playbill / Pasadena Playhouse)

     The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde     (Thespie / Blackeyed Theatre)

     Women's Writes Online Festival     (Thespie)


     Martin's Dream     (Broadway on Demand / Children's Theatre of Cincinnati)

     Spittin' Truth to Power While Light Leaping For the People     (Broadway on Demand / La Jolla Playhouse)

     The Conviction of Lady Lorraine     (Broadway on Demand / Farmer's Alley Theatre)

     The Dream Unrealized:  The James Baldwin Project     (Broadway on Demand / Hub Theatre Group)

     Grimmz Fairy Tales     (Broadway on Demand / Children's Theatre of Charlotte)

     One Night in Miami ...     (Playbill / Amazon Prime Video)

     In the Company of Actors     (Broadway On Demand)

     Scene from "Twelfth Night"     (Folger Library Encores)

     A Streetcar Named Desire     (Williamstown Theatre Festival / Audible)

     Photograph 51     (Williamstown Theatre Festival / Audible)

     Animals     (Williamstown Theatre Festival / Audible)

     Chonburi International Hotel & Butterfly Club     (Williamstown Theatre Festival / Audible)

     Ma Rainey's Black Bottom     (Netflix / Area Theatres)

    The Prom     (Netflix / Area Theatres)   

     Menopause:  The Musical

      Great Performances "Broadway's Best"     (PBS On-Line)

     Moby Dick     (Bay Street Theatre)

     Theality-TV Season One     (Broadway on Demand)

     Submissions Only     (Broadway on Demand)

     The Artist Channels (Broadway on Demand)

     3 Mo' Divas     (Broadway on Demand)

     La Jolla Playhouse's Digital "W.O.W." Series     (Broadway on Demand)

     The Velveteen Rabbit     (Children's Theatre of Charlotte / Broadway on Demand)

     Leo Lionni's Frederick  (Chicago Children's Theatre)

     Doll Face Has a Party   (Chicago Children's Theatre)

     Covid Fan Tutti     (Thespie / Oopera Baletti)

      The Theatre Channel     (Thespie / The Theatre Cafe)

     Disney Cruise Line's "Frozen"     (Thespie)

     I Wish to Die Singing     (Thespie / Finborough Theatre)

     The War of the Worlds     (Thespie / The O2)

     Grimm Tales     (Thespie / Unicorn Theatre)

     In the Absence of Silence     (Thespie)

     Clever Cakes     (Thespie / Little Angel Studios)

     Cirque du Solei:  Spotlight on 'Twas the Night Before ...  (Thespie)

     Our Home Story     (Thespie / Punchdrunk)

     Letters Live From the Archive:  Union Chapel     (Thespie / Union Chapel)

     The Hunting of the Snark     (Thespie / Southbank Centre)

     The Guy Who Hated Musicals     (Thespie)

     Oh, Hello:  On Broadway     (Thespie / Netflix)

     Funny Peculiar     (Thespie)

            (And any of the MANY other Thespie offerings)

     Memphis     (BroadwayHD)

     Lenny Bruce Without Tears     (BroadwayHD)

            (And any of the MANY other BroadwayHD offerings)

     Stratford Festival Subscription Service

     National Theatre AT Home Subscription Service

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Status of Local Theatre Venues During the Pandemic

Need a "Leg Up" on turning depressing quarantine into joyous elation? 

Check Out Danny Crowe's LIFT UP ARTISTS series on You Tube

Sing the Praises of our Peers!

This project aims to assemble artists from around the country to celebrate their collaborators! Which we often forget to do! With how high pressured and rejection filled the arts industry is, sometimes we all need a little bit of a boost!


EPISODE 2  (Women's History Month)


EPISODE 4  (Pride Month)

Atlanta Theatre Artists for Justice is a Facebook group for members of the Atlanta Theatre Community to organize support for the response to the murder of George Floyd and the BLM Movement. Use this group: - To share information about peaceful protests going on throughout the Metro-Atlanta area. - To meet up with others to attend protests as a unit and keep each other safe. - To provide assistance (providing waters, babysitting, petsitting, giving rides) if not able to attend the protests in person. - To do safety check-ins following the protests, especially if there is police intervention. I understand that there are countless issues in our community in regards to the lack of action from the institutions we work for. But please keep this group about how WE act and how WE respond. The moderators reserve the right to keep this a safe, peaceful group.


Over 50 arts organizations (and counting!) have united to showcase online events and digital content for all you shut-ins at home who are missing your regular doses of theatre, music, dance, film and the visual arts! There are also ideas for creative ways you can engage. Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening at ArtBeatsATL.com! And please spread the love.



Art Beats Atlanta (Art Beats) is a co-op of Atlanta-area arts and culture organizations with a mission to increase engagement between the public and the vibrant professional arts community of the greater Atlanta area. Originally created at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic as a space to share innovative online arts programming, the long-term goal is to continue to build Art Beats into a platform promoting Atlanta’s vibrant arts ecology.

A Letter to the Community: Local theatres respond to the coronavirus pandemic

Below is an open letter from a group of Atlanta theatres, which was published by Atlanta InTown Paper. We'd like to share it with you.

To Our Local Theatre Fans, Friends, and Family:

Right now is an unprecedented time for our community, and the local theatre community will likely be hit especially hard. COVID-19 has caused a great deal of change, and we are all facing a tremendous amount of uncertainty. Currently, our leaders are making the hard but necessary choice to ban mass gatherings of people, and nobody is sure how long this may go on for. This directly affects theatres, as we will most likely be unable to host shows and sell tickets for an extended period of time. Theatres are facing a major loss in revenue because of this. In addition to the impact on our organizations, the performers, artisans, and administrative staff of local theatres are also likely to have personal financial struggles through the coming weeks.

We are coming to you now to ask for your continued support of local theatre, even as we
temporarily shutter our doors. There are three easy ways you can help support us through these uncertain times: make a donation, buy a gift certificate, and talk to your legislators.

Make a donation. All of the theatres listed in this letter are nonprofit organizations. That means that we re-invest any profits we make back into our mission, rather than paying shareholders. As nonprofit organizations, it also means we can accept tax-deductible donations! This is by far the best thing you can do right now to support your local theatres. A pledge for monthly support is also a wonderful way to provide sustained support as we work to recover in the coming months. Finally, if you bought a ticket to a show that gets cancelled, consider turning the cost of that ticket into a donation, rather than asking for a refund.

Buy a gift certificate. Many local theatres have the ability to issue gift certificates that patrons can use for future shows. Please check with the theatres you frequent, and inquire if they can sell a gift certificate. Treat your future self to a night of entertainment, and once life returns to normal we look forward to welcoming you into our theatres!

Talk to your legislators. In the coming weeks there will likely be bills put forth on the state and national levels for economic relief for those affected by COVID-19. Please reach out to your legislators and let them know that nonprofit arts organizations and artists should be included in these relief packages.

We can make it through this together, but local theatres need your support to help weather this storm. Even once COVID-19 passes, theatres will still be facing financial gaps and tight budgets, and will likely be asking for your donation to offset our losses. Please have patience with us. We are all dedicated to bringing you amazing theatrical experiences

We look forward to seeing you once again at our theatres. Until then, stay safe and healthy.

This too shall pass.

7 Stages
Actor’s Express
Alliance Theatre
Aris Theatre
Atlanta Lyric Theatre
Aurora Theatre
Center for Puppetry Arts
City Springs Theatre
Dad’s Garage Theatre
Georgia Ensemble Theatre

Horizon Theatre Company
Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre
Out Front Theatre Company
Serenbe Playhouse
Stage Door Players
Synchronicity Theatre
Theatre Buford
Theatre du Reve
Theatrical Outfit



Hi folks,

Theatres and theatre artists across the country are facing a potential existential threat due to COVID-19. Most theatre artists live on a paycheck to paycheck, gig to gig basis and have to supplement their art with a second and oftentimes third part-time job.

Many of these artists might soon find themselves out of work, and as the infection rates continue, we will, guaranteed, have members of our community under quarantine, unable to leave their house and unable to earn an income. To many ATL artists, this will be a devastating financial blow.

I've started this campaign to do as much as I can for my friends and peers who will be affected. A lot of things are still falling into place, but the first steps of where your money goes are:

- Purchasing of food supplies for a frozen meal prep volunteering group that will create a meal train for those who are quarantined or financially in need due to being out of work, delivering nutritious food and supplies to the doorsteps of those artists who are in financial need.

- Purchasing of necessary essentials for artists in financial need (pain medications, fever reducers, electrolytes, etc)



Please consider donating if you have the means, and please share!     CLICK HERE TO DONATE

If you are interested in volunteering/organizing, please visit our Facebook group:

Atlanta Artist Emergency Relief Volunteers


Stay safe out there!

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