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Today is Friday, February 23, 2024     

Click HERE to Read our Review of "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change"   (Act 3 Productions)

Click HERE to Read our Review of "Knead"   (Aurora Theatre)

Click HERE to Read our Review of the Reprise of "Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812"   (Horizon Theatre)

Click HERE to Read our Review of "Hamilton"   (Fox Theatre / Broadway in Atlanta)

Click HERE to Read our Review of "Remember This: The Lesson of Jan Karski"   (Theatrical Outfit)




     Auditions for "Drinking Habits"  (CenterStage North)

     Auditions for "The Glass Menagerie"    (AuthentiCity Theatre)

     Auditions for "MacBeth"    (Queen Mab Players)

     Auditions for Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"  (Lolek's Storytellers)

     Volunteers for "Scratch Game"    (Live Arts Theatre)

     Auditions for "The Secret Garden"   (Act 1 Theater)

     Applications Open for 2024 Youth Creates (7 Stages)

     Auditions/Registration Sister Mary Leo in "Nunsense"  (K&A Theatricals)

     Summer Camps at Woodstock Arts

     Woodstock Arts is Seeking Summer Camp Counselors (and other positions)

     CenterStage North Announces 2024 Season

     To Kill a Mockingbird    (Broadway in Atlanta / Fox Theatre)

     Les Misérables    (Broadway in Atlanta / Fox Theatre)

     G.E.T. The Joke?   (Georgia Ensemble Theatre Fundraiser)

     Animals Out of Paper    (DramaTech Theatre)

     The Curious Cardinal    (Alliance Theatre for the Very Young)

     Black History Culture and Arts Celebration    (Lawrenceville Arts Center)

     Women's History Month Celebration     (Aurora Theatre / Lawrenceville Arts Center)

     Drag Cabaret, Cocktails, and Comedy     (Aurora Theatre / Lawrenceville Arts Center)

     BorderCollies     (Aurora Theatre / Lawrenceville Arts Center)

     Spring Break Magic Show    (Aurora Children's Playhouse / Arthur Atsma)

     Books Alive!    (Aurora Children's Playhouse / Mama Koku)

     Fairy God Doctor       (Aurora Children's Playhouse / Felt Nerdy Puppets)

     Miss You Like Hell   (Woodstock Arts)

     Disney's The Little Mermaid    (Springer Opera House)

     Ruby Sunrise    (ACT 1 Theater)

     A Lady and a Woman    (Impact Theatre / Academy Theatre)

     Moon Over Buffalo    (Newnan Theatre Co)

     True North     (7 Stages) 

     This Silly Little Game    (The Atlanta Contemporary Dance Co / 7 Stages)

     Art of Activism: Stewards of the Wild    (Atlanta Science Festival 2024 / 7 Stages)



      Dad's Garage     (Aurora Comedy Nights)   TONIGHT AND TOMORROW ONLY

      The Meeting    (Starr Enterprises / Etheridge Arts Ensemble)    TONIGHT AND TOMORROW ONLT

      The Family Table    (AMC Performance Company)   TONIGHT AND TOMORROW ONLY

      Hamilton     (Broadway in Atlanta / Fox Theatre)    

      Natasha, Pierre, and The Great Comet of 1812    (Horizon Theatre)   Suzi Recommended   

      Knead      (Aurora Theatre)        Suzi Recommended

      Furlough's Paradise     (Alliance Theatre)       Suzi Recommended

      Animals Out of Paper    (DramaTech Theatre)  

      Exit, Pursued by a Bear     (Contemporary Classics / Lawrencevielle Arts Center) 

      Ken Ludwig's Baskerville     (Merely Players)    

      Holes    (Springer Children's Theatre)   

      Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid)     (Théâtre du Rêve)   

       Steel Magnolias    (Woodstock Arts)     

      Twelfth Night  (Holly Theatre)    

      I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change  (Act 3 Productions)   

      The Piano Lesson    (OnStage Atlanta)     

      A Lady and a Woman    (Impact Theatre / Academy Theatre)   

      Million Bazillion: The Musical   (Agnes Scott College Theatre)    

      Packrat     (Center for Puppetry Arts)      

      Murder, Mystery, & Mayhem:  NCI-SVU-Brookhaven     (Petite Violette)  

      Everybody's Talking About Jamie      (Actor's Express)   

      Alice in Wonderland       (Southside Theatre Guild) 

      Blues in the Night      (Alabama Shakespeare Festival)   

      Romeo and Juliet       (Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse) 

      Fela!   (Lambert Smith Media / Southwest Arts Center   

      A Tale of Two Cities     (Alliance Theatre)    

      Elvis:  A Musical Revolution      (Legacy Theatre)     (Sold Out) 

      Ruth and the Green Book      (Center for Puppetry Arts)      (Sold Out)


      Brave New Works:  Felicity  (Reading)      (Theatre Emory)   One Day Only 2/24

      Donuts and Drag with Tugboat the Queen   (Actor's Express / Oglethorpe Theatre)   One Day Only 2/24

      A Wrinkle in Time     (On the Stage Children's Theatre  /  Eagle Theatre)   One Day Only 2/24

      Scandal:  Lost Jackets     (Dad's Garage)      Resumes 2/24

      Black History Culture and Arts Celebration    (Lawrenceville Arts Center)    One Day Only 2/25

      Murder at the Bake-Off    (Main Street Theatre Tucker)   Resumes 2/25      (All Shows Sold Out)


      Off Book:  The Improvised Musical  (City Winery)    One Night Only 2/27

      Big Fish     (FoCAL / Belliassimo Theatre)   Opens 2/28

      Honeymoon in Vegas    (Marietta Theatre Co)   Opens 2/29

      The Wild Women of Winedale    (Art Station)    Opens 2/29

      Boozily Blonde    (Acting Under the Influence)    One Night Only 2/29

      Tim Meadows, Matt Walsh & Friends    (Dad's Garage)    One Night Only 2/29

      The Sponge Bob Musical    (Main Street Teens Dallas)    Opens 3/1

      Love, Sex, and the I.R.S.    (Lionheart Theatre)    Opens 3/1

      This Silly Little Game    (The Atlanta Contemporary Dance Co / 7 Stages)   Opens 3/1

      A Midsummer Night's Dream     (Atlanta Opera)   Opens 3/2

      Women's History Month Celebration     (Aurora Theatre / Lawrenceville Arts Center)    One Day Only 3/1

      Brave New Works:  The Boy Who Rode the Clouds  (Reading)     (Theatre Emory)   One Day Only 3/2

      Air Up There        (Big Thinkers / Aurora Children's Playhouse)   One Day Only 3/2

      Moon Over Buffalo    (Newnan Theatre Co)   Opens 3/7

      Phenomoneon :  A Night in Lawrence Vegas)   One Night Only 3/8

      Miss You Like Hell   (Woodstock Arts)   Opens 3/8

      Disney's The Little Mermaid    (Springer Opera House)   Opens 3/8

      Ruby Sunrise    (ACT 1 Theater)    Opens 3/8

      The Curious Cardinal    (Alliance Theatre for the Very Young)   Opens 3/8

      Disney's Beauty and the Beast    (City Springs Theatre Company   Opens 3/8

      Something Rotten    (Carroll County Community Theatre)    Opens 3/8

      The Merchant of Venice: A LadyShakes Production   (Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse)   Opens 3/9

      A Night With Dad's II:  The Daddening    (Stage Door Theatre)   One Night Only 3/9

      Drag Cabaret, Cocktails, and Comedy     (Aurora Theatre / Lawrenceville Arts Center)    One Night Only 3/9

      Art of Activism: Stewards of the Wild    (Atlanta Science Festival 2024 / 7 Stages)   One Day Only 3/10

      True North     (7 Stages)    Opens 3/14

      A Midsummer Night's Dream     (Georgia Ballet)    Opens 3/15

      BorderCollies     (Aurora Theatre / Lawrenceville Arts Center)    One Night Only 3/15

      The Firebird:  Fairy Tales of Old Russia     (Mr. Damon’s Shadow Puppet Theater/ Aurora Children's Playhouse) 

                                  One Day Only 3/16

       Beetlejuice: The Musical    (Broadway in Atlanta / Fox Theatre)     Opens 3/19

       Uncorked Conversations   (Stage Door Theatre)   Opens 3/22

       The Tin Woman    (Live Arts Theatre)    Opens 3/22

       Spring Break Magic Show    (Aurora Children's Playhouse / Arthur Atsma)   One Day Only 4/3

       Shrek: The Musical    (Broadway in Atlanta / Fox Theatre)    Two Days Only  4/6  4/7

       Don Giovanni      (Maxam Productions / 7 Stages)     Opens 4/11

       2024 Georgia Renaissance Faire    Opens 4/13

       Downtown Gala (Theatrical Outfit     One Night Only 4/13

       Six     (Broadway in Atlanta / Fox Theatre)    Opens 4/16

       Books Alive!    (Aurora Children's Playhouse / Mama Koku)    One Day Only 4/20

       Fairy God Doctor       (Aurora Children's Playhouse / Felt Nerdy Puppets)    One day Only 5/4

       To Kill a Mockingbird    (Broadway in Atlanta / Fox Theatre)    Opens 5/7

       Les Misérables    (Broadway in Atlanta / Fox Theatre)    Opens 6/4

     (See Our Events Page for Details and Other Links).


      School Break Play Dates  (Alliance Theatre)    (Feb 19 - 23 / Mar 12)

      Auditions for the 2024 Season at Marietta's Theatre in the Square    (Submission Deadlines  Feb 23)

      Youth Auditions for "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat  (Alabama Shakespeare Festival)   (Feb 24)

      Auditions for "The Spongebob Musical"     (Lionheart Theatre)   (Feb 25 / 26)

      Auditions for "The Secret Garden"   (Act 1 Theater)  (Feb 27   / Feb 29)

      Auditions for "MacBeth"    (Queen Mab Players)    (Submissions Due Mar 2)

      Submissions Open for "Curious Sensory Encounters"   (7 Stages)   (Applications open through Mar 4)

      Synchronicity Theatre's Production Boot Camp    (Camps Start Mar 4)

      Auditions for "Drinking Habits"  (CenterStage North)   (Mar 4  /  Mar 5)

      Play-in-a-Day School Break Camps   (Stage Door Theatre)    (Mar 6)

      Unarmed Stage Combat Class  (Stage Door Players)   (Begins Mar 9)

      Auditions for "The Glass Menagerie"    (AuthentiCity Theatre)    (Submissions Due Mar 10)

      Applications Now Being Accepted for the Summer 2024 Palefsky Collision Project  (Alliance Theatre)   (Deadline Apr 1)

      Drama Camps    (Alliance Theatre)    (Apr 1 / May 28 / Jun 3 / Jun 10 / Jun 24 / Jul 8 / Jul 15)

      Volunteers for "Scratch Game"    (Live Arts Theatre)    (Apr 6)

      Auditions for Disney's "Beauty and the Beast"  (Lolek's Storytellers)   (Apr 6 / Apr 7 / Apr 11 / May 5)

      Submissions Now Being Accepted for the 2024 Narrative Monologue Competition (True Colors Theatre)  (Apr 15)

       Summer Camps at Woodstock Arts    (Camps Begin Jun 6)

      Summer Puppet Camp   (Center for Puppetry Arts)   (Camps Start Jun 10)

      Applications Open for 2024 Youth Creates (7 Stages)    (Begins Jun 24)

      Summer Camps   (Alabama Shakespeare Festival)  (Jun 24 / Jul 8 / Jul 15 / Jul 22 / Jul 29)

      Summer Youth Camps at OnStage Atlanta   (Jul 17-21 / Jul 22 - 26)

      Maxam Productions is seeking a Rehearsal Pianist for "Don Giovanni" at 7 Stages

      Maxam Productions is seeking Ushers for "Don Giovanni" at 7 Stages

      Auditions and Registration for K&A Theatricals

      Auditions/Registration Sister Mary Leo in "Nunsense"  (K&A Theatricals)

      Summer Camps at Legacy Theatre

      Summer Camps at Stage Door Theatre

      Classes at Georgia Ensemble Studio

      Winter Classes    (Alliance Theatre)

      Canton Theatre is Hiring a Staff Assistant

      Woodstock Arts is Seeking Summer Camp Counselors (and other positions)

      Various Submission Opportunities from Atlanta Dramatists

     (See Our Auditions/Jobs Page for Details and Other Links).

If you have any information you would like included on this platform, please E-Mail me at, or go to our Facebook page at

On April 13th, we will celebrate professional theatre in the heart of downtown Atlanta with our annual gala and fundraiser. You will be greeted with a red carpet arrival and enjoy great food, unique auction items, and fabulous entertainment as we honor Anne and Charlie Henn.


All proceeds benefit Theatrical Outfit’s Mainstage productions; our Made in Atlanta new works program including the development of our commissioned hip hop musical, Young John Lewis; and our community engagement work including the “Rhythm and Revision” program and the Tom Key Arts Leadership Apprentice Program.

Click Here for More Information on Tickets and Sponsorships

Information on Auction coming in March

Jono Davis Joins Aurora Theatre Staff as the Lawrenceville Arts Center Complex General Manager

0212 Jono.jpg

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (February 7, 2024) – A familiar face is coming to Gwinnett County. Jono Davis, former Artistic Director and Manager of Cobb PARKS’ Jennie T. Anderson Theatre, is joining the Aurora Theatre staff as the new Complex General Manager. Jono leaves Cobb County after eight and a half years of dedicated service. In his time at the Anderson Theatre, he managed rentals, brought in touring acts, and created the southeast's first concert musical series, entitled The Overture Series, which proceeded to win several Suzi Bass Awards and a Telly Award. As Complex General Manager, he will oversee management of the entire campus and facility rentals at the Lawrenceville Arts Center.


"For years, I have believed Aurora is the template for how theatre should operate regionally," says Davis. "They have deep roots in their community and such a wonderful relationship with the City of Lawrenceville. A supportive government is very important to me, and it is wonderful to see Lawrenceville collaborate and work with the arts community so passionately." Having family in Lawrenceville was also a large draw for Jono. "I have watched this area grow and develop for many years, and I cannot wait to explore and get to know this community. This city has built a beautiful arts center, and I am honored to be a part of its history."

Producing Artistic Director Ann-Carol Pence is ecstatic. “Jono is the ideal candidate. He is a team player, he is comfortable in the government space, he creates new opportunities for community connection, and has become an incredible friend and confidant. He will be able to bring new solutions to the table as to how we best activate the entire campus; plus, with his background in marketing and public relations, he will expand the brand of Aurora Theatre as a nationally recognized institution. My first priority was to find a partner for Katie Pelkey, who financially manages the LAC with extremely limited resources. We are a scrappy organization where each staff member is tasked with more than one job. Jono is used to a fast-paced work environment where he has to wear more than one hat. In fact, he looks fabulous no matter what hat he wears.”


In the last decade, Jono Davis had his hands in over 80 productions in Atlanta. He has worked and/or performed at Actor’s Express, Alliance Theatre, Arts Clayton, Atlanta Lyric Theatre, Fabrefaction Theatre, Georgia Ensemble Theatre (Suzi Bass Award nominee), and SAIAH. He was last seen on the Aurora Theatre stage in the original 2013 production of Les Miserables. Jono recently served as Lead Casting Director for an upcoming new musical series coming to Apple TV+ and is the former Entertainment Coordinator for Cobb PARKS. Outside of production work, Jono is the Executive Director of Georgia Theatre Conference, the state’s longest-running theatre convention. He also has extensive experience in graphic design work, marketing, and social media development.

Under the artistic leadership of Co-Founder and Producing Artistic Director Ann-Carol Pence and Managing Director Katie Pelkey, now in its 28th Season, Aurora Theatre is resident company and manager of the Lawrenceville Arts Center. Theatrical productions are comprised of the biggest Broadway plays and musicals alongside exciting contemporary theatre. Additionally, Aurora produces concerts, stand-up comedy, children’s programs, metro Atlanta’s top haunted attraction Lawrenceville Ghost Tours, as well as Atlanta’s only professional Spanish language theatre, Teatro Aurora. Nestled on the historic downtown square, Lawrenceville Arts Center has FREE attached covered parking and is surrounded by restaurants and shops. Lawrenceville Arts Center (LAC) is a world-class facility with five venues, with the ability to host performances and community events both indoors and outdoors. Aurora Theatre, co-founded by Anthony Rodriguez & Ann-Carol Pence, has garnered numerous accolades that include a 2016 Governor’s Award for the Arts & Humanities, winner of countless Suzi Bass Awards,  Georgia Trend Magazine’s “Best Places to Work in Georgia,” Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “Best Places to Work,” Atlanta Magazine’s “Best of Atlanta” for Best Inclusive Programming, Gwinnett Chamber’s Inaugural Moxie Award for Outstanding Woman-led Organization, Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s President and CEO Award for Excellence in Arts, and Gwinnett Chamber’s IMPACT Regional Business Award for Hospitality.


GA Ren Faire.jpg

April 13 thru June 2, 2024

Saturdays and Sundays 10:30am - 6pm • Open rain or shine!

0211 Ren Faire.png

2024 Adult Ticket
Buy One - Get One for $1 Bundle!


LIMITED TIME OFFER - This fantastic Sweetest Deal is just in time for Valentine gift giving.


Purchase the bundle and get


Each ticket is good for one admission on your choice of April 13, 14, 20 or 21!  

These special tickets are good on those dates ONLY!


NOTE: When you purchase one bundle you will receive two tickets!


Actor Theatre Logo.jpg



We have officially launched Actors’ Theatre of the South. Our mission is to bring engaging and innovative theatre experiences to our community with an eye toward preserving Southern literature and performance modalities, uplifting Southern voices especially those that have been marginalized in the past, and supporting and offering opportunities to the artists of our region.


To make this dream a reality, we need your help. Running a not-for-profit theatre company comes with its challenges, and we are reaching out to our closest friends and family to ask for your support.

Here are a few ways you can support us:


1. **Make a Donation**: Any amount, big or small, will make a difference. Your donation will go towards production costs, venue rental, and artist compensation.

To donate, visit our website at and click the DONATE button to make a secure, TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation via PayPal.


2. **Spread the Word**: Share our mission with your network. The more people who know about us, the closer we get to our goals. Follow us on social media, like and share our posts, and tell your friends about our upcoming productions.





3. **Attend Our Shows**: Come to our performances and encourage others to do the same. Your presence at our productions means the world to us. Keep your eye on our website or socials for announcements.


4. **Volunteer**: If you have time and skills to offer, we always welcome volunteers. From set building to ushering to serving on our board, your help is invaluable.


5. **Corporate Sponsorship**: If you work for or know of a business that might be interested in sponsoring our theatre company, please let us know. We would love to explore potential partnerships.


If you have any questions or ideas on how you can get involved, feel free to reach out to us through our website or socials.


Thank you for considering supporting our company. Your contribution will help us bring the magic of the stage to life and create unforgettable experiences for our community, our state, and our region.

With Love,

Kara Cantrell, Producing Director, Actors' Theatre of the South

From the Georgia Ensemble Theatre Board of Trustees

Dear friend of GET,

It is with heavy hearts that the Board of Trustees shares important news regarding Georgia Ensemble Theatre's (GET) planned Mainstage productions.  Because fewer than expected ticket sales and other financial pressures we regretfully announce the postponement of three scheduled shows of the 2023-2024 Mainstage Season: Black Pearl Sings, Queen of the Falls and Ragtime. We remain hopeful that we will be able to secure the funds necessary to resume our mainstage performances (dates TBD). In the meantime, please see the FAQs HERE with information about how to redeem your GET tickets for a comparable show at one of our sister theatres in the area.

Thankfully, our thriving education programs and tours, as well as other GET activities, will be able to go forward as planned.   

Over the past four years, performing arts organizations nationwide have encountered unprecedented financial challenges. Ticket sales have decreased considerably while production costs have skyrocketed. Georgia organizations have been hit especially hard, as the state has long been ranked dead last in the nation for public funding of the arts. Many notable theaters have been forced to close their doors permanently while, to date, GET has weathered these challenges. However, in recent months a combination of factors converged resulting in an inevitable financial shortfall.

Forces beyond our control resulted in the dissolution of our long-term partnership with the Roswell Cultural Arts Center.  GET incurred considerable expenses to lease a new Studio, as well as to relocate our operations, offices, box office, and education programming. We had only a few weeks to secure a new performance space for our mainstage productions. The abrupt move from Roswell to the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre in Cobb County also gave us little runway to forge new relationships and advertise to potential patrons, despite the excellent production quality at the new space. Traveling to the new location also proved a challenge for many of our long-term and loyal subscribers.

Simply put, our expenses are rapidly outpacing our income and it would not be financially feasible to go forward with the next three shows.

We acknowledge the impact this decision will have on both our artists and audiences. It is especially poignant for the talented and committed GET staff who work so diligently to bring outstanding theater to Atlanta. Please know that whatever disappointment you may feel, we share it deeply.

We take pride in the many plays and musicals we’ve done and the artists who’ve given so much, and we express our heartfelt gratitude for our loyal audiences. We believe in the mission of GET to create connections among artists & audiences of all ages, and we intend to continue investing in that mission. With that legacy and the resilient dedication of our patrons, leadership, volunteers and artists, we are hopeful that we will be able to resume our Mainstage productions. In the meantime, there are many non-Mainstage programs thriving at GET–we invite you to visit the Studio and learn more. We are actively fundraising, seeking out sponsorships, and  applying for additional grants, as well as working with the Arts Matters, Atlanta organization to secure more corporate sponsorship and legislative support of the Arts in Georgia.

We look forward to collaborating with our patrons, Fulton County, Cobb County, and the state and national arts communities, to continue building upon GET’s 31-year history. We welcome your support and feedback as we work to secure the financial foundation of the next 30 years for this beloved institution.

Thank you so very much for your understanding and continued support.

Board of Trustees,
Georgia Ensemble Theatre

Find More Information and FAQ's HERE

Suzi Recomended


The mission of the Suzi Bass Awards is to celebrate and promote artistic excellence in Atlanta’s professional theatre community. Our vision for the Suzi Awards organization is a self-sustaining, well-recognized, and well-respected partner in the community, actively supporting, promoting, and advancing theaters, theater professionals, and audiences.

Read More

See Latest Suzi Recommendations and Events on Facebook


(Still Running)

FURLOUGH'S PARADISE     (Alliance Theatre)   

KNEAD     (Aurora Theatre)    (Our Review)

NATASHA & PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812     (Horizon Theatre)    (Our Review)


REMEMBER THIS:  THE LESSON OF JAN KARSKI    (Theatrical Outfit)  (Our Review)

WAIT UNTIL DARK     (Georgia Ensemble Theatre)     (Our Review)

DRACULA: THE FAILINGS OF MEN   (Havoc Movement / Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse)

HOME, I'M DARLING     (Synchronicity Theatre)

PASSING STRANGE    (Theatrical Outfit)

CULLUD WATTAH     (Actor's Express)    (Our Review)

THAT SERIOUS HE-MAN BALL    (Kenny Leon's True Colors Theatre)

THE SHINING     (Alliance Theatre)

TROILUS AND CRESSIDA     (Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse)    (Our Review)

ROOTED     (Horizon Theatre)   (Our Review)

BEAUTIFUL:  THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL     (Aurora Theatre)   (Our Review)

ENGLISH     (Alliance Theatre)

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