Today is Monday, September 20, 2019.  

Here's What's Opening this Week (9/19 - 9/28)

The Roommate                      Aurora Theatre                       9/19/2019 10/20/2019     (SUZI RECOMMENDED)

A Good Move       Pumphouse Players     9/20/2019    (ONE DAY ONLY)

Steel Magnolias                   Sheffield Players                    9/20/2019  9/22/2019      (MAT ELIGIBLE)

Little Shop of Horrors            Elm Street Cultural Arts Village     9/20/2019  10/6/2019      (MAT ELIGIBLE)

Woman and Scarecrow     Aris Theatre     9/20/2019     10/6/2019

Complete Works of Wm Shakespeare (Abr)   Legacy Theatre         9/20/2019 10/13/2019

The Savannah Sipping Society      Stage Door Players           9/20/2019 10/13/2019

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time   Horizon Theatre    9/20/2019 10/27/2019

Sing, Dream, Lead Like a Princess   Aurora Children's Playhouse        9/21/2019    (ONE DAY ONLY)

Roald Dahl's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory      Broadway in Atlanta      9/24/2019  9/29/2019

Paradise Blue                     Kenny Leon's True Colors Theatre Co       9/24/2019 10/20/2019

Hey, Willy, See the Pyramids      Alliance Theatre for the Very Young  9/24/2019 10/27/2019

ATL Sketchfest                    Sketchworks Comedy                   9/26/2019  9/28/2019

Second Samuel                     New Depot Players                    9/26/2019  10/6/2019      (MAT ELIGIBLE)

Boyfriend                         Theatre Emory                        9/27/2019  9/28/2019

The Sleepy Hollow Experience      Serenbe Playhouse                    9/27/2019  11/3/2019

Rock the Presidents               Aurora Children's Playhouse          9/28/2019   (ONE DAY ONLY)

L'entranger                       7 Stages / Home Brew Series          9/28/2019   (ONE DAY ONLY) 

​Here's What's On-Going:

Jest a Second                     Lionheart Theatre Co                 Runs Until  9/29/2019

Picnic                            Merely Players                       Runs Until  9/29/2019

12 Angry Jurors                   Act 3 Productions                    Runs Until  9/29/2019      (MAT ELIGIBLE)

Big:  The Musical                 ACT1 Theater                         Runs Until  9/29/2019       (MAT ELIGIBLE)

The Jungle Book                   Serenbe Playhouse                    Runs Until  9/29/2019

Our Town                          Theatrical Outfit                    Runs Until  9/29/2019     (SUZI RECOMMENDED)

The Three Musketeers              Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse          Runs Until  9/29/2019

Mamma Mia!                        School Street Playhouse              Runs Until  9/29/2019

The Haunting of Hill House        Newnan Theatre Co                    9/18/2019  9/29/2019

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof             Georgia Ensemble Theatre             Runs Until  9/29/2019     (SUZI RECOMMENDED)

The Laramie Project               Theatrical Outfit                    Runs Until  9/29/2019     (SUZI RECOMMENDED)

Matilda:  The Musical             OnStage Atlanta                       Runs Until  9/29/2019      (MAT ELIGIBLE)

Wrath of Con 2:  Into Dorkness        Dad's Garage           Runs Until  10/5/2019


Becoming Nancy                    Alliance Theatre                    Runs Until   10/6/2019     (SUZI RECOMMENDED)

In the Heights                    New Theatre in the Square           Runs Until  10/6/2019

Skintight                         Actor's Express                      9/18/2019 10/13/2019

Space!                            Center for Puppetry Arts             9/17/2019 10/20/2019

Conceal and Carry                 Out of Hand Theatre                   Runs Until  11/24/2019       (SUZI RECOMMENDED)

Here're Your Last Chance Plays   (Shows running until 9/22):

A Good Move       Pumphouse Players     9/20/2019    (ONE DAY ONLY)

Fuddy Meers                       Essence to Crux Theatre              Runs Until  9/21/2019

Sing, Dream, Lead Like a Princess   Aurora Children's Playhouse        9/21/2019    (ONE DAY ONLY)

Memphis                           Henry Players                        Runs Until  9/22/2019

King Lear                         Gwinnett Classic Theatre             Runs Until  9/22/2019

Mary Poppins       City Springs Theatre Company      Runs Until   9/22/2019

Vanity Fair                       Staged Right Theatre                 Runs Until  9/22/2019

Steel Magnolias                   Sheffield Players                   Runs Until  9/22/2019      (MAT ELIGIBLE)

New Reviews This Week:    (Click on any to go to the review)

THE LARAMIE PROJECT     Theatrical Outfit


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Aris Theatre Presents

Arís is proud to present Woman and Scarecrow by award-winning contemporary Irish playwright Marina Carr.  

In bed, a woman is dying before her time, her mind and body worn out. In the wardrobe, something lurks. In the face of her death she threshes out her life’s truths, sparring with a ridiculous aunt, a cheating husband, and a slippery alter ego.

Sam Marlow of the London Times calls this play “An extraordinary brew, bittersweet and totally intoxicating.”

Directed by John Ammerman, the cast features Elisa Carlson, Kelly O’Neal, Robert Shaw-Smith, and Amanda Taylor Brooks.


Autumn at


Aurora Theatre assembles the best children’s performers in the region, bringing them to Gwinnett County in order to give parents and their children a chance to experience their artistry in our amazing facility in downtown Lawrenceville.

We feature puppeteers, magicians, storytellers, jugglers and musicians as a part of this series intended for youngsters to have their first theatrical experiences. At about 45 minutes in length, perfect for the young attention span, these lively performances are fun for the whole family.


Second Star Events

September 21, 2019

10:00am and 11:30am

The princesses of Second Star Events are so excited to bring their stories to Aurora! Come hear some your favorite heroines tell their tales of friendship, bravery and love and sing along with some of your favorite songs! Learn how how these princesses overcame their struggles to become the great leaders they are!

After the show stick around and take pictures with the princesses! Gain entry to the Meet & Greet by making a donation to Atlanta Women’s Foundation at the show. ($5 donation minimum. Limited number of tickets to Meet & Greet. Available at the door.)

Aurora Learning Library

September 28, 2019

10am and 11:30am


Learn about America’s presidents while rocking out to sizzling guitar riffs and great beats. Just like Hamilton and Schoolhouse Rock!, catchy songs help reinforce our history and inspire students to want to know more about our country. Get ready — as this fast-paced, non-partisan musical takes you from George Washington to today in an hour.

Georgia Ensemble Theatre

October 5, 2019

.10am and 11:30am

In 1880, 10-year-old Winnie Foster, trapped by her strict family’s rules, runs away and discovers the Tuck family who, long ago, had accidentally drunk from a spring that gave them eternal life. Winnie promises to keep their dangerous secret but a sinister stranger arrives, planning to steal the immortal water for himself. Winnie must choose whether to drink and join the Tucks in an everlasting childhood adventure or to live a natural life full of the ordinary beauty of growth and change.


Arthur Atsma

October 19, 2019

10am and 11:30am


In what has become an Aurora Children’s Playhouse holiday tradition, the Halloween Magic Show with Atlanta magician Arthur Atsma returns for a 10th year on October 19. Arthur Atsma will amaze and amuse folks of all ages with a show filled with captivating sleight of hand magic, audience interaction, and comedy. It’s not necessarily magic, but Arthur Atsma has away of making tickets disappear, therefore reservations are strongly recommended for this popular performance!

Theatrical Outfit to Open its 2019/2020 Season With 

August 27 - September 29

One cast. Two essential American stories.

Considered by many to be the greatest American play ever, Our Town depicts the town of Grover’s Corners in three acts: “Daily Life,” “Love and Marriage,” and “Death and Eternity.” Narrated by a stage manager character and performed with minimal props and sets, this classic chronicles the Webb and Gibbs families as their children fall in love, marry, and eventually – in one of the most famous scenes in theatre – die.

In 1998, a university student named Matthew Shepard was kidnapped, beaten, and tied to a prairie fence outside Laramie, Wyoming. When he died days later, the world learned Shepard was targeted because he was gay. A breathtaking collage of the local residents, The Laramie Project is virtuously determined to find the light in an event of harrowing darkness and exposes the depths to which humanity can sink and the heights of compassion of which we are capable.

“Laramie is a latter-day Grover’s Corners, a cozy place where everyone appears to know everyone else’s business and actually finds comfort in this. The Laramie Project is Our Town with a question mark, as in, ‘Could this be our town? It can’t happen here,’ followed immediately by ‘And yet it has.'”

The New York Times 






On the second Sunday of each month, May through October, a new original play will be unveiled amid the relaxing backdrop of beautiful Dunwoody Nature Center. Each play was written by a nationally known writer who calls Atlanta home.

Enjoy complimentary wine and appetizers as Atlanta’s talented professional actors bring the play’s characters to life. You’ll be given your own creative license to imagine the look, feel and sounds that make up the setting of the story.

Each event will start and end with a reception, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the play’s writer, director and actors. Be sure to leave time in your visit to explore the grounds of the Nature Center!

Second Sundays at 2:00 PM ~ Original Plays by Atlanta Writers

OCT 13 ~ Danielle Detweiller

(All events run from 2pm-4pm inside the North Woods Pavilion at Dunwoody Nature Center.)


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