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Here's What's Opening this Week (11/11  - 11/17)

What the Woolf Wore               Synchronicity's Sripped Bare Series 11/13/2019  (ONE DAY ONLY) 

Christmas Canteen 2019            Aurora Theatre                      11/14/2019 12/23/2019

An Evening of Impossible Plays    Happy Accident Theatre              11/14/2019 11/17/2019

Two Rooms                         Essence to Crux Theatre             11/14/2019 11/17/2019

British Invasion                  Art Station                         11/15/2019 11/16/2019

Burning Powerful Women            Open Minds Theatre Co               11/15/2019 11/17/2019

Willy Wonka Jr                     Elm Street Cultural Arts Center    11/15/2019 11/17/2019

#Chrismissed:  Where Is My Son?   ArtsXChange                         11/15/2019 11/17/2019

Wake Me When It's Over            Pumphouse Players                   11/16/2019  (ONE DAY ONLY) 

A Christmas Carol                 Alliance Theatre                    11/16/2019 12/24/2019

Grateful for Family:  A Thanksgiving Cabaret   OnStage Atlanta        11/17/2019   (ONE DAY ONLY) 

Here's What's On-Going:

Conceal and Carry                 Out of Hand Theatre                   Runs Until  11/24/2019       (SUZI RECOMMENDED)

King Lear                         Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse       Runs Until  11/24/2019       (SUZI RECOMMENDED)

The Dining Room                   Main Street Theatre (Tucker)         Runs Until  11/24/2019​

Baby                              Act 3 Productions                    Runs Until  11/24/2019

Swell Party                       Process Theatre Co                   Runs Until  11/24/2019     (MAT ELIGIBLE)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer    Center for Puppetry Arts             Runs Until  11/29/2019

Downstairs       Actor's Express      Runs Until  12/1/2019

Girl's Life         Pinch 'n' Ouch Theatre          Runs Until  12/7/2019

Here're Your Last Chance Plays   (Shows running until 11/17):

Crazy for You                     King's Ridge Christian School       Runs Until  11/16/2019

The Grown Up                      Out of Box Theatre                  Runs Until  11/17/2019

Miracle on 34th Street     Front Porch Players      Runs Until  11/17/2019

Little Shop of Horrors            Orange Box Theatre                  Runs Until  11/17/2019

The Game's Afoot                  Players @ Sugar Hill                 Runs Until  11/17/2019

Wicked                            Broadway in Atlanta                  Runs Until  11/17/2019

The Nether                        Theatre Emory                       Runs Until  11/17/2019       (SUZI RECOMMENDED)

Intimate Apparel                  Lionheart Theatre Co                Runs Until  11/17/2019

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Synchronicity Theatre

Stripped Bare Arts Incubator Project


Presented through the 2019-2020 Synchronicity Stripped Bare Incubator Series, WHAT THE WOOLF WORE is a new play written by Abraham Johnson and directed by Jessica Browder.
Tickets are FREE through the reservation link, and we're all thrilled to share this script with you! Our Wednesday night performance will feature a reception and talkback with the playwright, so if you want some behind-the-scenes info, stick around and talk with us after the show!

WOOLF opens on 4 actors who are trying to produce A Very Important Play From the Theater Canon (that can fit inside a budget-friendly living room set). After disagreements over character believability and nuance of their Dark Secrets (inevitably revealed in Act 3), one of the actors decides to quit theater, leaving the production. As the other actors eventually draw her back in, they decide to try and produce a Wildly Producible Modern Adaptation of a Play from The Theater Canon That Can Still Fit In A Living Room. After pursuing a queer adaptation of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” the play splinters again, forcing the actors to rewrite their story and explode the concept of the Living Room Play. WOOLF wrestles with why we make theatre when it hurts so much, how we interact with classic plays, and how to take the audience from consumer to the consumed.

Admission is Free but Reservations are Encouraged.   RESERVE YOUR SEATS HERE

Open Minds Theatre presents

Burning Powerful Women

by Hank Kimmel



Open Minds Theatre Company is excited to present Atlanta playwright, Hank Kimmel's "Burning Powerful Women." The show will be preceded by "All Roads Lead to Rome?" A short play by Lawrenceville playwright Emily McClain. 

"Burning Powerful Women" by Hank Kimmel
directed by Madeline Auchter

Ritva Puotila..........Nina Jones
Mary Jo Brickner.....Noel Dudley
Jan Unsicker...........Kelly Gilstrap
Lorna Such.............Pat Bell

SYNOPSIS: Iowa 1962. Men work. Women take care of the home. And young Mary Jo Brickner is about to get married to John Sybil. It's a typical year in Swisher until Ritva Puotila storms into town and creates the BPW, a secret order of women designed to empower Mary to become the first female valedictorian of the highschool...and a whole lot more. A fractured fairy tale where The Music Man meets Gloria Steinem meets the three witches of Macbeth

"All Roads Lead to Rome?" by Emily McClain
directed by Brandon Engelskirchen

Kellie Morgan-Smith
Sarah Morgan-Smith

SYNOPSIS: Kellie's wealthy family has offered to take her and her wife, Sarah, on an all-expense paid vacation to Italy. Sarah has never been on such an extravagant trip and is willing to look past some small personal "slights" about their lifestyle for the chance to go on a trip they would not be able to afford otherwise. Kellie, however, feel the trip comes with invisible strings attached and wants to refuse. How important are principles, really? Especially weighed against the offer of a free first-class vacation?

Norcross Presbyterian Church

3324 Medlock Bridge Rd, Norcross, Georgia 30092


Out of Box Theatre presents


by Jordan Harrison

Directed by Topher Payne

NOVEMBER 8-17, 2019

Ten year old Kai is given a magical crystal door-knob by his grandfather that enables him to travel through space and time to see future events in his life. The further along he goes, the less he feels like he's seeing into his future, but more that he is living life as most people do; all too quickly. Both poignantly sad and zany, Pulitzer Prize finalist Jordan Harrison expands on the notion that life is too short to miss any moment of it.


The Center for Puppetry Arts

Once Again Brings You Our Holiday Favorite

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Based on the classic television special
Adapted by Jon Ludwig; directed by Tim Sweeney

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and all elements © and ™ under license to Character Arts, LLC.

Nov 5–Dec 29 (No performances Nov 28 & Dec 25)

Ages 4+

Reduced-Price Previews Nov 5 & 6
No shows Nov 28 and Dec 25

Rudolph soars back into town for this faithful adaptation of the wonderful holiday film that speaks to the misfit in all of us. Based on the beloved 1964 stop-motion animated special, Rudolph and his friends  (including Hermey the Elf, Yukon Cornelius, and the Abominable Snow Monster) take the stage. You won’t want to miss it!

“I can assure you that after one visit, seeing Rudolph at the Center for Puppetry Arts will become an annual tradition for you and the kids.”  -AJC.com

Learning Themes: Anti-bullying, self-discovery, winter holidays, music

Puppetry Style: Rod, Black Light, Body

Create-A-Puppet Workshop™: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer™ Shadow Puppet

Workshop Times: Times vary. Please wee Workshop Schedule tab for details.

Mainstage Theater

Running Time: ~1 hour - no intermission


Announcing an Atlanta Theatre Podcast

An Open Letter from Laurie Catherine Winkel:


Atlanta theatre friends,

I host a theatre podcast here in Atlanta called Never Say Macbeth.*

The gist of the podcast is, performer and tech friends (mostly locals) come on the show to tell their tales of crazy, unpredictable things that have happened onstage in past performances. Usually they're hilarious, but they can also be painful, uplifting, inspiring, cringeworthy, and cautionary.

Episodes have included guests who shot themselves point-blank, broke limbs, derailed entire shows with missed dialogue, failed a battle with their bodily functions onstage while hundreds gaped at them, and much more!

I have a handful of episodes in the bag but am always looking for new stories. Please PM me or email laurie.winks@gmail.com if you'd be willing to have me come to you with a microphone and have a fun chat (can bring wine/beer if desired;)

And if you're interested, please subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Spreaker, and most podcast platforms.


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