4/1/2021     TITUS AMDRONICUS: THE MUSICAL (JR)                   Hazzard Children’s Theatre and Bait Shop


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(Bias Alert:  I worked with this company and was cheated out of several pay checks by them and tend to view their work through loathing-tinted glasses.)


So, how much credence are we to give a writer-director, who casts children in their musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s bloodiest work, and even mis-spells the leading character’s name?


I cannot imagine the trauma experienced by these kids as they slog their way through such mis-guided musical numbers as “Cutting Out Her Tongue with Love,” “Tamora’s Tasty Tampons,” and “The Saturninus Samba.”   And Sondheim should really sue over “The Worst Pies in Rome-don.”


Writer-Director-Producer {Name withheld at their lawyer’s request} has created a deplorable four-hour musical without a single redeeming quality that should only exist to draw confessions out of political prisoners.  Parents should sue for compensation for the inevitable therapy bills to bring their (admittedly talented) progeny back to some semblance of sanity.

The less said about their choice to play Tamora themselves and to use THAT image for poster and publicity, the better.


Titus Amdronicus: The Musical (Jr) is a bad show with a bad script and bad music (the accordion, bagpipe, and banjo accompaniment was especially pain-inducing), badly directed and giving anyone unfortunate to sit through its entire four hours a bad feeling that no amount of hot showering will erase.  


And I refuse to spend another moment even thinking about it,


            --  Brad Rudy  (BKRudy@aol.com  @bk_rudy   #TitusHazzard )