10/22/2020        THE GHOSTS OF LITTLE FIVE POINTS     Horizon Theatre



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As November prepares to blind-side us with its frosty fingers and its lurid leaflessness, we face that haunting weekend when small humanoids extort sweets from our hands, when friends turn into ghoulish sadists (”It’s FUN to traumatize people you love!”), and when Atlanta theatres roll out their seasonal explosion of pumpkin-spice flavored events and original works.  Because my 2019 health prevented me from hanging with my Netherspawn peeps, I fell “out of the system” for this year too and have to limit my scary-boo activities o what I can do here.  Or witness your scary-boo artistry on-line.


In the spirit (pun intended) of artistry witness, let’s talk about The Ghosts of Little Five Points, Horizon Theatre’s screamingly enjoyable journal of a group of ex-folks (this is Georgia, so should I refer to them as “Haints?”) hanging around familiar sights in the Horizon’s (unbitten) neck of the woods.  So, prepare to visit a hydrophobic Sailor at the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club, a tween from the old schoolhouse (that now houses Horizon itself) who sets a trap in the woods for her mean girl nemeses that tragically backfires, a DJ from the Star Bar who doesn’t know he’s dead (semi-sorta), a guitarist at the Variety Playhouse who wished he were good enough to sell his soul and join the dead-at-27 club, a ghostly train that still rumbles over reckless crossing jumpers, a witches’ coven, and even more.  There’s even a strangely sentient Burger from the Vortex!

Constructed like an on-line party -- it’s more fun with cocktails, candy corn, costumes and candles – it offers plenty of interactive moments of audience participation.  I can’t say I’m happy with the results of the “Candy Corn Yea or Nay” Poll (as long as there’s black licorice, candy corn will never be the worst candy ever IMHO), but I was happy with the enthusiasm and professionalism shown by the cast and crew of this Happy Halloween lark.


Let’s start with our hostess, Gina (the always effervescent Gina Rickicki)  oozing charm and menace in equal measure, she gleefully introduces her spectral sidekicks and her party games, all in the cozy confines of a Curley-Clay designed parlour that positively drips with charms and mischief, and possibly even a little fraud).


Her “friends” are played by a ghostly gaggle of Atlanta talent, including Lala Cochran, Eden Mew (from AE’s Fun Home), Michelle Pokopac (ditto), Luis Hernandez (well, his voice speaking fluent burger), and others (see below for full cast and crew list).  The writers include a wickedly wonderful wagon of literati, including Mark Kendall, Neeley Gossett, Theresa Davis, and Ms. Rickicki herself.  It’s all directed (with tongue firmly in cheek) by Nichole Palmietto and filmed with a wagonload of eerie effects and music.


This is a party show and will probably be best enjoyed in a party frame of mind.  These are stories that would feel right at home around a dwindling campfire in which the embers themselves are hiding from the incipient chill.


All this being said, Happy Halloween!    (Insert Maniacal Laughter Here.)


     -- Brad Rudy (BKRudy@aol.com   @bk_rudy    #Horizon  # GhostsLittle5Points)


BTW, I enjoyed all the “Word from our Sponsor” interludes, except the first, in which the host gleefully dumped on the final episode of Game of Thrones, expecting all of us to agree.  I don’t.  IMHO, it suffered from the two-year broadcast hiatus in the series, but when watched in binge with the previous season, it is not only excellent, it is inevitable.   But I digress…


The Ghosts of Little Five Points: A Spirited Virtual Halloween Experience

Oct 22-Nov 1, 2020: Wed through Sun at 8 PM


Written by Mark Kendall, Gina Rickicki, Neeley Gossett, Theresa Davis

Conceived and produced by Lisa Adler and Nichole Palmietto

Directed by Nichole Palmietto

Set and Costume design by Moriah and Isabel Curley-Clay

Video and Sound design and Editing by Amy L. Levin


Medium Host: Gina Rickicki

Ghosts: Lala Cochran, Kevin Gillese, Skyler Brown, Brittani Minnieweather, Michelle Pokopac, Eden Mew, Luis Hernandez, Markell Williams, Megan Leahy, O’Neill Delapenha, Ronnie Johnson-Lopez, Theresa Davis, Skyler Brown


Tickets are $20* for screen access through one email. Pricing is an additional $10 for the second viewer and $5 for each additional viewer on the same screen.


Visit horizontheatre.com or horizontheatre.com/the-ghosts-of-little-five-points or call 404.584.7450