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1/15/2023        HADESTOWN                              Broadway in Atlanta / Fox Theatre



It’s an old song

It’s an old tale from way back when

It’s a sad song

It’s a sad tale; it’s a tragedy

It’s a sad song

But we sing it anyway.


Once upon a time there was I-75

Mmmmm  Mmmmm

Going to Atlanta as a complicated drive.

Mmmmm  Mmmmm


Don’t ask why, Brother but, I took my car

And ramped on that highway and traversed it far

From Bartow County way down to the Fox

Far down that fell highway to Hadestown.


On a January day as cold as my fear

(It was shortly before my 71st  year)

I took that highway for someone had said

That Hadestown was a true treat for my head.


An oft told tale of young love and old fate

With Gods and with men and a musical state

‘Tis Orpheus and his rapturous love

Eurydice sent from the cold stars above.

It’s been told by Ovid by Virgil, Cocteau

By Gaiman and Heaney and Williams and Ruhl

In poetry in opera on stage and on film

Again and Again and Again and Again.


Young Orpheus with his most velveteen voice

Could cause the heavens themselves to rejoice.

A time had come when seasons had stopped

The Persephone  had decided to opt


For an earlier spring and a much later fall

So autumn nor spring never started at all.

For Hades her husband had drifted too far

And Hadestown blocked out her favorite star.


Orpheus was young, a mortal musician 

Son of a god and a Muse’s submission.

A Song of old came into his head

A Song that promised good times ahead.


But so taken was he with writing his song

That he lost track of HER when a snake came along

They’d had a good season, a season of sun

But death entered their lives and soon she was gone.


The boy walked down into hell all alone

And broke into Hades’ cold kingdom of stone.

Hadestown is electric, it’s hot and it’s bright

But somehow it chilled like an ebony night.


The rest of the story you probably know.

A story of bravery passion and woe

For Hades set forth an unusual condition

A trial (not trap) for our hero’s position.


This story is told again and again

We hope it may have a happier end.

But lovers so young and filled with such joy

Will always let doubt their true yearning destroy.


Then after the show, I faced new barricades

A trip along I-75’s new northern-bound grades.

I didn’t look back, so I made it back home

To my castle so rife with its beige monochrome.


I know I have not listed the Hadestown cast

But all were a talented ensemble mass.

The orchestra too filled our ears with their song

Without hitting nary a jazzy note wrong.


Like the seasons that cycle from year unto year

This love song will always come back to our sphere

But today was the last day for this travelling play

And Hades’ stone walls must fall and give way.


I loved every note of this musical show

And wish all of you could have basked in its glow.

So filled with its jazzy New Orleans-esque score

It left the whole audience begging for more.


It’s an old song

It’s an old tale from way back when

It’s a sad song

It’s a sad tale; it’s a tragedy

It’s a sad song

But we sing it anyway.


     -- Brad Rudy (    #Hadestown  #BroadwayInAtlanta)

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